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JD Advisory d.o.o. is a professional accounting office providing accounting and business consulting services, established by accounting professionals with years of experience in both domestic and international companies in the positions of supervisors and accounting managers.

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Long-term success in the business of our clients, with the full support of our office in the long-term consulting and monitoring of the achievement of business results within the given laws and regulations.


You have a problem? We have a solution!

In our work so far, we have encountered challenging tax and accounting situations, for which we have always found the best solution for all included parties. That’s how we plan to continue, feel free to join!

Our team of experts and their rich knowledge and experience is our greatest value, which is confirmed by all the feedback from our satisfied clients. The business is based on an individual approach to clients, an analysis of the specifics of their business, data security, and the use of modern technology and tools in their daily mode.

With the competencies of a certified accountants we provide clients with much more than just bookkeeping. By constantly educating ourselves and monitoring changes in tax legislation, we strive to provide clients with all relevant information and to be available for any questions that arise in the course of operating the business.

Why choose us?

Why Us? Why JD Advisory?

  • A highly skilled team.
  • Responsivness of our accountants.
  • Personal approach to client needs.
  • Informing clients of all tax and accounting news relevant for business decision-making and action.
  • Knowledge of working in all major accounting programs, with a focus on Microsoft Navision, Pantheon.
  • Ability to connect to the client servers and work directly on the client’s program.


Check Services We Provide

  • development of accounting policy
  • keeping the general ledger and balance-accounts
  • customers and suppliers analysis
  • tax books (outgoing invoices IRA, incoming invoices URA, acquisition of goods from the EU, delivery of goods and servics to the EU, import, export, non-residents)
  • support and management of goods and material accounting
  • entering and posting of expenditure invoices
  • payroll, calculation of other income, royalties and artistic fees, travel expenses, JOPPD
  • financial statements – GFI POD Annual Financial Report, POD TI Quaterly Report of Enterpreneurs, statistics
  • tax reports – profit tax return, POD-BIL balance enterpreneurs, POD-RDG Profit and Loss Account, TZ Billing dues in tourist comunity for a certain period, KD form for the calculation in contribution of the chamber, OFKŠ Rules on the method of calculation forms and deadlines for payment fee for use function forest
  • e-tax
  • e-retirement insurance (health insurance)
  • e-FINA
  • e-invoice
  • business consulting
  • support how to use Pantheon
Small businesses
  • book of receipts and expenditures
  • summary of receipts and expenditures
  • income taxes
  • payroll for employees
  • calculation of other income
  • print outstanding balances of customers and suppliers
  • cost and revenue analysis report
  • JOPPD for all tyoes of taxable and non-taxable payments
  • e-retirement (health) insurance
  • e-tax
  • e-invoice
Non-profit organizations
  • development of accounting policies
  • general ledger and balance accounts
  • analysis of revenues and expenses by entities
  • financial statements by FINA and DZS
  • tax reports
  • user reports on the structure of income and expenses
  • payroll, calculation of other income, royalties and artistic fees, JOPPD
  • e-FINA
  • e-tax
  • e-invoice


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